Move It

“I like climbing and football with my friends. If you feel a bit sad, moving about can help to cheer you up.”

March with me

When I want to exercise inside,
I do a lot of marching.
You can try. Left, right, left, right!
Swing those arms too! 

Become a balloon

I really enjoy doing this, as it makes me laugh and feel calm at the same time. Stand up or lie down on the floor, then…

  • Imagine your tummy is a big balloon.
  • Take a deep breath as if filling up your balloon.
  • Stretch your arms out to make it even bigger.
  • Touch your tummy very lightly with your finger, as if popping your balloon.
  • Make a big ‘whoosh’ sound as you let all the air out!

There’s loads
more to do with us