Grow it

Grow it

Grow some Cress Heads

I like plants – I don’t mind waiting for them to grow, as I can have a snooze…

Cress Heads are a great way to grow something indoors. Try them and see.

You can place one on a windowsill near the person with MND.

Then they can watch it grow green hair too!

  • A yoghurt or small pot (empty and clean)
  • Cotton wool
  • Kitchen paper towel
  • Cress seeds
  • Water
  • A strip of paper (to wrap around the pot)
  • Sticky tape
  • Felt tips

Draw a face on the middle section of the paper strip. You can draw yourself, or one of your family, or one of us!

Wrap the strip around the pot so you can see the face and use sticky tape to fasten it at the back.

Put some wet kitchen paper towel in the bottom of the yoghurt pot.

Put some damp cotton wool on top.

Sprinkle some cress seeds across the cotton wool and press them down gently.

Place the pot on a warm and sunny windowsill.

Your cress should grow after about 7 days. It will look like hair above the face you drew!

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