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Does MND hurt?

“It’s not painful, but people with MND get aches and pains if they can’t move about.”

Can we make a vaccine for MND?

“MND isn’t like a virus or infection, so a vaccine wouldn’t work. Doctors are trying to find other drugs to help.”

Can my Daddy get help to breathe better?

“He may need help from a breathing machine to get more air. Some work through a tube in the neck. Some use a mask. It’s a bit like wearing a snorkel, but he won’t have to swim!”

My grandad uses a powered scooter to get about and wants me to decorate it. What can I do?

“Your Grandad sounds cool..! You could add badges, stripes and numbers to make it look like a racing car.”

My mum needs soft foods to eat. What can I make for her?

“I love mashed banana! Or see my recipe for ice-cream bread on the Bake it page – you can mash this with cream to make it soft.”

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