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What does MND mean?

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Hi Max.

MND is the short name for an illness.

The long name is…

What happens
with MND?

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Your brain tells your body how to do all sorts of things Max.

With MND, messages from your brain can’t get where they need to go.

This means bits of the body stop working, like your legs.

MND can make it harder to do things, like walking, talking, eating, drinking and breathing.

Not everyone with MND has all these problems.

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How does
MND start?

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That’s a bit of a puzzle Max.

Nobody really knows yet, but you can’t catch it from someone else.

Doctors are working very hard to find out why it happens.

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Do children
get MND?

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No Max.

Grown-ups get MND.

Does MND
get better?

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At the moment, doctors can’t make MND better.

Look at the next page to see what can help.

What can help?

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Someone with MND can get help from lots of people who work in hospitals or who visit them at home and from family and friends.

Care workers often visit too. Their job is to help with things like getting washed, dressed or cleaning.

And there is a lot of equipment that can help too.


What can I do if I feel sad about MND?

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Tell your family if you feel upset.

They might be upset too. It can help to share your feelings together.

Doctors, nurses and care workers who help people with MND, often help their families as well.

And you can use this hub to help you relax.

How do we find out more about MND?

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That’s easy Max.

We have other free books and guides to help you and your family.

Find out how to order these from our Find it page.

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Thank you

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